What is GPRC?
(This publication is peer reviewed according to international academic standards)

What is GPRC?

GPRC stands for ‘Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content’. With this quality label the Group of Educational and Scientific publishers (GEWU) certifies that a peer review procedure which corresponds to the international academic standards, has positively evaluated the labelled publication.

What is the use of the GPRC label?

With the explicit identification of high quality academic publications through the label, the Expert Group Academic Publishing of the Group of Educational and Scientific publishers (GEWU) aims to contribute to the realisation of a qualitative Flemish Academic Bibliographical Database for the Social Sciences and the Humanities (VABB-SHW).

Which procedure is used to attribute the GPRC-quality label?

The publishing house which thus labels a specific publication, needs to be able to demonstrate the successful evaluation of that publication through a peer review procedure according to internationally accepted standards. In close consultation with the academic authorities (in casu the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), this demonstrability is defined by the availability of a peer review dossier which contains at least the following components:
  1. Table of Content of the publication in question
  2. Affiliation of the Reviewers
  3. Chronological overview of the main phases in the review procedure
  4. Minimum two Review Reports
  5. Format confirmation that the Reviewer authorizes publication with the quality label.

How is one to know whether or not a publication carries the GPRC label?

The full list of GPRC publications is to found on the website www.gprc.be. Within the list the following filters can be used for a more detailed search: author, title, publisher, year of publication. The publication itself carries the quality label (the GPRC logo) in its colophon. Questions or comments on GPRC can be sent to the Group of Educational and Scientific publishers (GEWU): Kristof.Thijssens@gewu.be