about shelters and encounters
agnethe siquans, martina bär, anne-claire mulder, mireia vidal i quintero

About Shelters and Encounters. An Array of Theological Voices: that is the title of the thirtieth volume of the Journal of the ESWTR. As implied, the volume offers a wide range of texts, ranging from an elaboration of the shelter as a fitting metaphor for the location and the mode of developing queer theology to a round table discussion between African and Dutch female theologians about insider/outsider positions when doing theology as African female theologians in Europe. 

Bracketed by these two articles, four other texts add to the variety of voices the volume presents. The first of these invites the reader to share in a multi-layered account of the encounter of two women theologians from different disciplines, reading and interpreting the encounter of Mary and Elisabeth as it has been described and portrayed in pictures and text. Following suit, the reader will find a programmatic depiction of what a program for gender-conscious religious education could look like. 

Next in the array is a description of how interreligious ethics can contribute to elucidating moral dilemmas of Christian and Muslim women. And, closing this inner section, the volume offers a report of a(n empirical) pilot study conducted amongst participants of the Seventh Synod-Weekend of the Dutch Ecumenical Women's Synod into how women attribute religious authority and why. Last but not least, three reviews of four recently published books accompany this issue, making it truly a volume with an array of theological voices